What does Aama teach us?
What does the audience experience and learn?

Aama brings us ancient but universal wisdom - the self-knowledge and spiritual foundation that many of our ancestors had, but many of us in America have lost. She reminds us — sometimes humorously and at times forcefully — of basic human values that often go missing in our harried, hurried society: the role of family, of generosity, and even of simple hospitality. The importance of being consistent in ones behavior, and of taking a long, joyous look at the world around us. And the importance of respecting the environment, and of expressing gratitude for all that we have. Aama was convinced that there must be some evidence of sacredness, devotion and respect in America, and she was determined to find it. She does - along a pathway littered with obstacles and surprises, despair and discovery, humor and hope.

As I conclude toward the end of the program, "Aama found America to be a beautiful, a sacred, and a blessed place. And part of the blessing that we share", Aama said, "is our material wealth - and that should be taken no more for granted than the next breath we breathe...." Aama taught me that nature and spirituality are what endure, and that family - and especially children - are what provide us with hope.

An important sub-story is one of growth. I haven't fully resolved my own mother's death; I'm hoping that Aama will tell me whether or not I should marry Didi; Aama is disappointed that Didi hasn't borne any children. Aama dies. In the end, Aama's counsel, though difficult to take, was right. I resolve my own mother's death; Didi and I marry; we have a child and adopt a Nepalese boy. Aama's simple but profound spirit, humor and teachings continue to guide us and live within us.

This is a feel-good program. I have received generous compliments and thanks from a wide variety audiences for sharing the Aama story, but it is the program sponsors who are typically offered even more gratitude. "Thank you for finding this speaker and bringing him here..." is the recurring comment that clients share with me.

To better understand the story, the themes, sub-themes, and messages, please don't hesitate to request a full synopsis of the program, along with a demo tape and other materials.

For universities and schools in particular, the program can be adapted to include more educational / sociological / anthropological content. Indeed, a custom program can be designed in which Coburn can address a variety of topics that relate to the Himalaya. Please see the Himalayan-theme Programs page.

Broughton Coburn